Our vision is to make engineering, mainly inside the marine and offshore industry. We want to cover following disciplines: System diagrams for machinery & ship systems.
3D modelling of machinery, all piping, electrical equipment, foundations and small steel structures. Arrangements of all pipe-systems and rooms, drawings.
ISO-sketches of all piping systems.

We want to be a highly-respected company, both for our customers, but also for our employees. We want to be able to attract skilled personel, experienced, but also young and unexperienced personel, which are willing to learn in a very dynamic, but also demanding, environment.
Our placement, in the Northern part of Denmark, with great traditions of shipbuilding, is very ideal for the Scandinavian market.

As design / construction deadlines normally are very tight, we use real-time design, real-time project management & reporting.
Our goal is to have a very open & honest dialog with our customers, as we want to do (be in) business for many years.

Confidentiality is very important for us. Drawings & information will not be forwarded without our customers accept.

CH Marine Consult, Ribberholtvej 69, 9900 Frederikshavn, Denmark, Office: +45 99 20 40 10 , Mobile: +45 23 44 78 70,  Mail: